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Tour Group Essentials

The Chemistry Department's Safety Manual Sample Experimental Write-up
The Tour Group Research Handbook
The Chemical Hygiene Plan Signficant Figure Tutorial
MSDS Information Tour Group Purchasing Order Form
Tour Group Responsibilities  


Tour Group Jobs

Taking care of the Stills Taking care of the Computers
Taking care of the Food Fridges Taking care of the Dry Box
Taking care of the TGA/DSC The Chemical Inventory
Safety Officer Nitrogen Supply
GC Notes Maintenance of the GCs
Taking care of the HPLC and GPC Ordering Group Items
Taking Care of the GPC The Edwards Auto 306 Thermal Evaporator
Tina, Deric
Yongsung, Duy
Yang, Sung-Ki
Steven, Claire
Macy, Drew
Lizanne, William
Almaz, Rodrigo
Tuo, Ethan
Chris, Jibo
Shunsuke, Junwei
Victor, Megan
Nam Dong, Qifeng

Problem Sets and Snacks
Yilun “Ethan” Li
Drew Metzger
Qifeng Zhong
Lizanne Nilewski
Caitian “Tina” Gao
Almaz Jaililov
Roderigo Salvatierra
Yongsung Ji
Junwei Sha
Nam Dong Kim
Shunsuke Kuwahara
Megan Hotard
William Sikkema
Gladys Lopez-Silva
Tuo Wang
Macy Stavinoha
Chenhao “Chris” Zheng
Jibo Zheng
Huilong “Deric” Fei
Victor Garcia
Yang Yang
Claire Coogan
Sung-Ki Li



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